montana modern prefab cabin | tom miner basin, montana


At 8600 feet elevation, essentially the rooftop of Paradise Valley, a small ‘folded tent’ form nestles into a natural clearing.  This 800 square foot prefabricated cabin on stilts, consists of two predominate programmatic volumes.  One, a sleeping core, provides an external stair for access to a rooftop deck for sleeping under the stars. The larger volume acts as a wet unit and gathering space with overflow through three 12’ sliding patio doors opening onto a large deck for varying family occupancies and views in three directions down to the valley floor below.  The enclosed breezeway between the two larger volumes acts as a ‘dogtrot’ for passive cooling, and allows for a view through the building to a rock outcropping known as the ‘dog’s tooth’ across the valley. The building acts as an armadillo shell in the off season as all openings are equipped with rolling shutters, pivoting gates, or sliding doors to protect it from the elements and curious wildlife.

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